AEC “Dosemat” regulates X-Ray emission, optimizing the X-Ray dose received by the patient without impacts on the image quality.

The solid-state technology used allows us to manufacture products with a reduced thickness and a performance that remains constant in time. This prevents replacement for a variation in performances.

The high quality design of our product provides the absence of artefacts and an optimal quality of the image.

AEC Dosemat can be provided with a signal preamplifier device.


  • Compatible with every X-ray generators available on the market
  • Accurate and reproducible X-ray dose measurement
  • Sturdy and mechanically stable detector design. Top quality gold-plated connectors
  • Zero artefacts visible even at low energy exposure (40 KV)
  • Solid-state semiconductor passive sensors

Possible customization of external dimensions and number of fields.

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