Technical assistance

Gilardoni’s goal is full customer satisfaction for the life of the product. For this reason technical assistance is at the company’s core.
Highly trained and specialized technicians throughout Italy and in our service centers throughout the world ensure efficient and effective problem resolution. Going even further we have implemented an innovative information system in compliance with service Industry 4.0 directives. This allows real-time control of all technical assistance activities. All our technicians are equipped with tablets integrated with the new information system through which they can manage and automatically archive service activities.
A technical assistance portal enables clients to verify the status of open tickets and job orders. Through the same portal clients can check maintenance and STP test progress.
Gilardoni’s, aiming for constant quality improvement, gives clients the opportunity to evaluate each service call as it is completed. Once the ticket is closed a pdf report is automatically generated and emailed to the client in real time. The compilation of data generated by the system will track both the individual machine’s operation as well as the effectiveness of service. One could, for example, track the MTBF or MTTR indicators, the availability of a single machine or of a series of machines or even the complete installation at a specific client facility. Since each tablet is GPS tracked it allows the dispatcher to find and reroute the closest technician in case of emergency improving service efficiency. The same system can provide the client with an estimated time of arrival for the technician. This computerized technical assistance system is the core of a cutting edge service network able to quickly manage information without data loss and offers the client a crucial benefit in terms of availability and systems maintenance.
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