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Sustainability report


In the last few years, sustainability has become increasingly relevant in modern society and companies are no longer considered only from an economic-financial point of view but are also evaluated on social, environmental and governance issues. Respect for the surrounding environment, the well-being of its workers and information transparency are key points in the evaluation.

Respect for the environment, social well-being e optimal business management processes are the focuses on which companies are concentrating in order to build an innovative future in relationship and coexistence with the ecosystem, without giving up profit.

In this regard, in 2021 Gilardoni began to draw the NFD (Non-financial document) concerning the reporting of commitments in these sectors that the company carries out. The document, currently not mandatory, aims to measure and evaluate through specific KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) Gilardoni’s ability to generate value while adopting sustainable choices.

Covid-19, the war, the energy and raw material crisis are certainly current and important topics to keep in mind. Despite the difficulties, Gilardoni has once again proved to be an attentive and respectful company towards ESG issues, maintaining them as primary in the implementation of its strategic and production choices – aware that this attention is not only a cost but, in the medium and long term, a benefit for both the community and the company itself.

Since its foundation Gilardoni has had these issues at heart, it has always dealt with safety and health. In designing its plants, it has always paid great attention to sustainability creating long-lasting plants with low environmental impact.

Today's products are tomorrow's resources

The numbers of sustainability

How do our efforts translate into actual numbers?


86% of the products and services purchased come from suppliers in Italy, 61% of them are less than 100km from the delivery site.



In 2021, over 95% of the employees attended at least one training.


99.73% comes from groundwater, only 0.27% concerns water resources acquired from third parties.


Sustainability Award 2022!

Gilardoni has been awarded among the top 30 Italian companies out of a total of the 100 with a turnover of less than 250 million euros that have achieved the “highest ESG ratings” (Environment, Social, Governance).


Our landscape has always been a precious resource to be preserved

Since the days of the founder Arturo Gilardoni, the Gilardoni plant has been built, maintained, and expanded with the utmost respect for the surrounding environment. Being in an area subject to environmental and landscape constraints, Gilardoni constantly guarantees the respect for the aesthetic aspect of the site thanks to plants, gardens, and visually non-impactful heights.


We care about our beloved Grigne and our beautiful lake!




We care about education and for this reason, together with the schools and universities of our territory, we host students for internships and degree theses.


The foundation was born in memory of Eng. Arturo Gilardoni who, since the very beginning, had training and research at heart, principles on which he founded his company, Gilardoni SpA.
The Foundation supports the research and development of new technologies not only in the radiological and ultrasound fields, but also in all that is represented by the interaction of electromagnetic waves with matter and the consequent development, control, and use of new materials.
It is also committed to raising awareness and promoting education at all school levels so that there is greater synergy between education and industry for the development of a know-how that can be directly used in the scientific and work fields.
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A meticulous work of recovery and study on the history of Gilardoni have allowed us to better focus the extraordinary path of the Company, documenting an intense dissemination and research activity through scientific publications, catalogues, advertising graphics, together with technological objects, machinery, applications, and media which have been kept in the company departments.
Thanks to this it was possible to create the museum: all the precious materials and documents are well preserved and available for public viewing.


Inspired by TED Talks, a series of videos available on YouTube treating different topics in the scientific and non-scientific fields, we have created the “GILTALKS“. We made them with the goals of scientific dissemination in our x-ray and ultrasound sectors, sharing these topics even with those who are not experts in the subject, but above all they want to convey the passion that unites us and has distinguished us since 1947.
Your guides in this journey are and will be the #Gilmen of different departments. Those who work with these technologies every day with passion, competence and creativity are the protagonists.
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