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Gilardoni renews its line of safety products by introducing ARGO.

During 2021 – 2022, as part of the Lombardy Region’s “Tech Fast Lombardia” tender, Gilardoni carried out an experimental development project aimed at creating a new X-ray system, characterized by:

  • new and more effective object shape recognition technologies;
  • technological solutions to allow remote system monitoring;
  • system for the acquisition of operating data of the plant that allows the development of preventive and predictive maintenance software through the use of neural networks;
  • mechanical structure of new conception, with reduction of the details and reduction of the overall weight;
  • reduction in the amount of lead and used for shielding from diffuse radiation, thanks to better collimation of the X-ray beam and the adoption of an innovative alignment procedure for the detector beam.

By putting in place a mix of complementary and high-profile internal skills (four working groups: software team, electrical / electronic team, mechanical team and technical sales team), the project has fully achieved the ambitious goal set initially, reaching the definition and realization of a new X-ray system.

ARGO 640 DV is the product born from the results of the project.

Like the all-seeing divinity with a thousand eyes, ARGO allows the safety of sensitive buildings to be raised to levels never seen before, guaranteeing a complete view of the contents of packages and luggage.
ARGO machines are equipped with smart technology and extremely advanced software that allow an incredible detection capacity.
Compliance with the highest quality standards in the industry and high reliability make it a perfect tool for x-ray checks.

The ‘Multi-view X-ray baggage control system‘ project was co-financed by the Lombardy Region’s “Tech Fast Lombardia” tender under the POR FESR 2014-2020 (ID of Project 3156644) and was carried out with the contribution of resources from the European Union, the Italian State and the Lombardy Region.

POR FESR 2014 - 2020
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