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Security sector


Gilardoni offers a complete range of products that, thanks to technologically advanced solutions
in the field of detection of weapons, explosives, drugs contained in hand luggage, hold luggage and pallets, they ensure safety standards in line with the relevant European regulations.


Strength points


Gilardoni offers a complete line of solutions for the security market. The product range covers both the airport market, with machines designed in accordance with the latest and most stringent European and American regulations, and the non-aviation market, now focused on anti-terrorism systems. Gilardoni offers X-ray systems (with which it was established and consolidated in the world market) as well as complementary technologies such as body scanners for the detection of explosives on people and trace detectors for narcotics and explosives.
Gilardoni was founded in 1947 as a research and production laboratory for X-ray tubes: the in-depth knowledge and continuous research into new products and new technologies has led the technical department to innovative results which are applied to the security industry. One of the key developments is the standard ECAC LEDS type C standard 2 integrated into a traditional single-view machine. Gilardoni’s scientific base and continuous development have always been at the base of the company’s vision. This approach has enabled Gilardoni to create a full range of products that satisfy the most varied needs and to be an important presence in every field of this ever growing sector.


Since the early seventies Gilardoni has been applying X-ray technology, mainly dedicated to medical sector, to security-related systems, adapting this consolidated technology to a changing world.
The need to ensure citizens’ safety as they go about their civil and social activities, has grown globally and Gilardoni has responded to the need with a complete organization dedicated to research, sales and service.


  • X-ray scanner for hand baggage airport checkpoints, with or without automatic detection of explosives
  • X-ray machines for hold baggage checks, with or without automatic detection of explosives
  • Cargo X-ray machines for pallet and large package scanning
  • Mobile X-ray systems
  • Millimeter-wave machines for people scanning
  • Devices for solid explosive trace detection

Last news

Installazione - project “Quarantine Station”

Project “Quarantine Station” – Incheon Airport (Seoul, South Korea)

6 Dual view low conveyor X-ray scanners for the screening of hold luggages Gilardoni in the new area called “Quarantine Station” at the Incheon Airport (Seoul, South Korea)

The new TRS Breva made by Gilardoni: an innovative baggages control system

In a difficult period all over the world, Gilardoni has created an innovative luggage control system that reduces passenger contact right from check-in. This new system is realized with devices that specifically address the pandemic we are living. Gilardoni launches...

TRS Breva

Here's a new Gilardoni product: the TRS Breva, a roller system and return airport tubs that reduces passengers contact as early as check-in.

Gilardoni: for airport health and safety

Always at the forefront of innovation, Gilardoni has contributed to a new, sophisticated luggage control system that reduces passenger contact right from check-in launched at Milan’s Linate airport, with a new device that specifically addresses the pandemic we are...
Gilardoni, raggi X e ultrasuoni

The Italian X-ray leader consolidates to a sole shareholder

The entire capital of the historic company Gilardoni S.p.A. was acquired by Gilma S.p.A. Already the majority shareholder, Gilma now becomes Gilardoni’s sole shareholder. Gilardoni is the number one company in its field in Italy and among the world's leading...
Gilardoni partecipa come espositore controlli di sicurezza a SICUREZZA 2019

Gilardoni participates as security checks exhibitor in SAFETY 2019

Gilardoni S.p.A. participates as an exhibitor in security checks at “SICUREZZA 2019 – International Security & Fire Exhibition”. From 13 to 15 November.

Security checks at the Pompeii Archaeological Site: Gilardoni

Security checks at the Pompeii Archaeological Site: Gilardoni at Campania’s Regional News

Starting from October 2nd, a new security system by Gilardoni will be launched at the Archaeological Park of Pompei.

Carry-on baggage screening with x-ray inspection security system X-ray

Carry-on baggage screening with x-ray inspection security system [video]

They are indispensible for airport safety but also guarantee meticulous screening in non-aviation environments like embassies, government buildings, prisons and stadiums. GILARDONI’s X-ray machines for carry-on luggage checks are the ideal instrument for...
x-ray screening solutions in the airport safety sector: GILARDONI’s new products and services presented in Ljubljana

GILARDONI’s new products and services for airport security presented in Ljubljana

X-ray screening solutions in the airport safety sector: GILARDONI’s new products and services presented in Ljubljana

Sicurezza - Scansione delle Persone - Evolv Edge


Evolv Edge is the first millimeter waves scanning system engineered for continuous people flow and designed for screening for mass casualty threats. Designed for different types of venues it assists both in intuitively directing the flow of people and in making controls easier through automatic detection.

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