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ARGO is the new generation of X-ray systems to examine baggage, mails and parcels. It is ideal for any delimited areas.
The system complies with the highest quality standards in the industry to guarantee fully safety in use and high reliability.






Security sector


Gilardoni offers a complete range of products that, thanks to technologically advanced solutions
in the field of detection of weapons, explosives, drugs contained in hand luggage, hold luggage and pallets, they ensure safety standards in line with the relevant European regulations.



Strength points


Gilardoni offers a complete line of solutions for the security market. The product range covers both the airport market, with machines designed in accordance with the latest and most stringent European and American regulations, and the non-aviation market, now focused on anti-terrorism systems. Gilardoni offers X-ray systems (with which it was established and consolidated in the world market) as well as complementary technologies such as body scanners for the detection of explosives on people and trace detectors for narcotics and explosives.
Gilardoni was founded in 1947 as a research and production laboratory for X-ray tubes: the in-depth knowledge and continuous research into new products and new technologies has led the technical department to innovative results which are applied to the security industry. One of the key developments is the standard ECAC LEDS type C standard 2 integrated into a traditional single-view machine. Gilardoni’s scientific base and continuous development have always been at the base of the company’s vision. This approach has enabled Gilardoni to create a full range of products that satisfy the most varied needs and to be an important presence in every field of this ever growing sector.


Since the early seventies Gilardoni has been applying X-ray technology, mainly dedicated to medical sector, to security-related systems, adapting this consolidated technology to a changing world.
The need to ensure citizens’ safety as they go about their civil and social activities, has grown globally and Gilardoni has responded to the need with a complete organization dedicated to research, sales and service.


  • X-ray scanner for hand baggage airport checkpoints, with or without automatic detection of explosives
  • X-ray machines for hold baggage checks, with or without automatic detection of explosives
  • Cargo X-ray machines for pallet and large package scanning
  • Mobile X-ray systems
  • Automatic tray return system
  • Millimeter-wave machines for people scanning
  • Devices for solid explosive trace detection

Last news


THE SECURITY BUSINESS UNIT FLIES TO SOUTH KOREA to the International Security Exhibition & Conference

From the 29th to 31st March, Gilardoni was hosted by our South Korean partner IRE S&C at SECON 2023 for the official launch of ARGO: the new generation of Gilardoni X-ray machines baggage, mail and parcels controls and for security in any sensitive area. SECON is...
passenger terminal expo 2023 - argo

Gilardoni at Passenger Terminal Expo 2023

Gilardoni actively participated in the airport sector exhibition Passenger Terminal Expo that took place from March 14-16, 2023, in Amsterdam. For Gilardoni it was an important presence as we officially presented the ARGO line, showcasing the ARGO 536. The feedback...
aeroporto palermo surescan

Palermo Airport: innovative X-ray screening system for hold baggage

A new high-tech x-ray screening system for hold luggage was inaugurated in Palermo in the presence of the Consul General of the United States, Tracy Roberts-Pounds, and the GES.A.P. “Falcone Borsellino”



Gilardoni renews its line of products for safety and introduce ARGO. ARGO is the new generation of X-ray systems to examine baggage, mails and parcels. It is ideal for any delimited areas.The system complies with the highest quality standards in the industry to...
armygil unità portatile a raggi x per l'esercito

ARMY GIL: mobile radiological unit (1987/88)

It was specially designed to withstand external temperatures and very high humidity rates, to be used even on uneven soils and in difficult operating and climatic conditions.

Gilardoni: more and more sustainable

Gilardoni: more and more sustainable

It seemed important to adhere to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, to give substance to issues in which we believe we pursue daily in our work, starting from research to the finished product.


“Smart” trends in airport security checks

It is an extremely vast and competitive sector that every year sees the development of new software, accessories and the achievement of new performances

Intervista a Marco Taccani e Davide Baratto - Gilardoni

Gilardoni: next step!

Siamo da sempre in prima linea per ricerca e sviluppo. Per quest’anno abbiamo in programma tantissimi eventi, per far risplendere Gilardoni nel suo 75° anniversario!

Gilardoni 75° anniversario

Gilardoni 75th anniversary

After 75 years we are continuing to patent new technologies that are the result of the passion of our research teams, resuming the path of “shared training”.

Installazione - project “Quarantine Station”

Project “Quarantine Station” – Incheon Airport (Seoul, South Korea)

6 Dual view low conveyor X-ray scanners for the screening of hold luggages Gilardoni in the new area called “Quarantine Station” at the Incheon Airport (Seoul, South Korea)

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