Conveyor Belt Sanitisation System:

a quick and efficient solution for

eliminating viruses and bacteria from objects

Ozone purification gate

Ozygil - Sanificazione da virus e batteri di oggetti a passaggio

Process complete in 30 seconds


Destroys viruses and bacteria (including COVID-19)

Easy to use.


  • Destroys more than 99% of viruses and bacteria* including SARS-CoV-2
  • Functions in two directions
  • Tunnel aperture 60x40cm
  • Doesn’t damage fabrics, food, electronics, etc…
  • Combined technologies for optimal performance
  • Stand-alone or can be integrated into existing systems (i.e. airport security screening checkpoints)

* Data tested and certified by the San Raffaele microbiology-virology laboratory in the Province of Milan, Italy


​Rapid passage to sanitise objects and destroy viruses and bacteria in seconds

A few days after the start of the so-called phase 2 of the coronavirus emergency, Gilardoni presented a unique and innovative solution to rapidly sanitise any object: backpacks, suitcases, trolley suitcases, toys, baby carriages, daily shopping, etc.

Along the lines of the Gilardoni equipment used in airports to security screen luggage, and using some of that technology, we have designed “conveyor belt” sanitisation equipment in record time, which takes advantage of ozone properties, making it safe to use in wide-ranging environments.

An original solution guaranteed by the Gilardoni brand, Ozygil was conceived for airports, stores, shopping centres, supermarkets, businesses, schools and kindergartens, and any situation in which health safety protocols want to be implemented with a tool that is easy to use in just seconds.

University partnership

Equipment designed and realised with the contribution of the Department of Microbiology and Virology of Milan’s San Raffaello Vita-Salute University.

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Ozygil - Sanificazione da virus e batteri di oggetti a passaggio

Sanitising objects
Ozone technology

Coronavirus Sanitization

Rapid and efficient, destroys more than 99% of viruses and bacteria

including SARS-CoV-2


An ally against the Coronavirus: quick and effective sanitization with Ozygil

Ozygil is a new product designed and built to sanitize objects in a quick (just seconds) and effective manner. Realized by transforming the structure of an x-ray apparatus

Why choose a solution that takes advantage of ozone properties to fight Covid 19?

Ozygil is Gilardoni’s contribution to efficiently sanitize objects in a completely safe manner. The advantage of ozone properties against Covid-19

Discover a new way to sanitise objects, with the Gilardoni quality guarantee

The new Ozygil device, with the Gilardoni quality guarantee, sanitises objects and removes 99% of viruses and bacteria in just seconds.

Disinfect thanks to ozone properties with Ozygil

Ozygil takes advantage of ozone properties, in a completely safe manner, to guarantee that objects are disinfected through a “conveyor belt” system along the lines of the Gilardoni equipment used in airports around the world to security screen luggage.

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