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Gilardoni developed in the years a wide range of OEM products, able to suit the most various needs in a market that is in constant evolution.
OEM products include standard components but also a lot of custom products, designed specifically on costumer’s needs. Thanks to our flexibility in solutions and configurations, Gilardoni satisfies European and other regulations such as e.g., FDA e UL regulations.

For every competence area, we are able to supply customized solutions. Our R&D team can develop, together with the costumer, the solution that better suits their needs.


Medical applications

• C-arm
• X-ray diagnostics
• Analogical and digital radiography
• Mammography

Industrial applications

• Food scanner
• Body scanner
• Security
• Scanner for luggage
• Recycling
• Scanner for materials (automotive, textile, …)
• Non Destructive Testing

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