STRALE 100-500 BE


Developed to guarantee high performances, Strale 100-500 BE is particularly suitable for quality testing in the food industry, e.g. detecting little fishbones or bone residues. In general it’s ideal for research of low density contaminants, almost radio translucent, and for apllications where high contrast is needed.
The system is composed of a control unit and a monoblock. The monoblock includes the high voltage, avoiding the need of bulky and expensive high voltage cables inside the machine.
Strale 100-500 BE has a Berillium X-ray beam that can be customized in dimensions, 100% Duty cycle and it’s water cooled. It has a small dimensioned focal spot and, thanks to its compact size, it can be easly integrated into your quality testing line and X-ray machines.


  • Power: 500 W (@ TH2O < 25°C; reach = 3 lt/m)
  • Tube voltage: 20 kV – 100 kV
  • Tube current: 0,5 mA – 6 mA; step 0,1 mA


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