Monoblocco AION 160 0.4

AION 160 0.4


Aion 160 0.4 monoblock is a product evolution within Gilardoni Aion range with an even smaller focal spot.
Thanks to the 0.4 focal spot, this source ensures better resolution allowing a greater images magnification, while decreasing the geometric blur.
The high voltage is included in the monoblock for an easier integration into your systems (no need of high voltage cables).
Ideal for controlling aluminum castings, die castings, plastic and rubber materials scanning.

Applications: automotive, aerospace, welding, composite materials.


  • Tube Voltage: 30-160kV
  • Tube current: 1-4 mA
  • Power: 300W continuous
  • Focal Spot EN 12543: 0.4
  • X-ray beam type: Cone beam 36°
  • Total filtration: 1,5 mm Al
  • Duty cycle: 100%
  • Monoblock cooling: Water
  • Dimensions and weight Monoblock: 343x340x177mm – 35kg
  • Dimensions and weight Control unit: 316x350x147mm – 10kg


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