aion 100



Aion 100W monoblock was born from a request of customization, proofing how an open discussion with customers is essential to define new project lines and how Gilardoni is able to develop solid projects.
The system is composed of a control unit and a monoblock. The monoblock includes the high voltage, avoiding the need of bulky and expensive high voltage cables inside the machine.
Aion 100W monoblock strengths are the small focal spot and the advanced passive convection cooling that doesn’t require any other cooling system.
In fact, it is suitable for the use in security inspections, luggage scanner, body scanner and aviation industry in general.


  • Power: 100W peak – 50W continuous @ 40°C
  • Tube voltage: 30 kV÷160 kV
  • Tube current: 0,5 – 1 mA
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