Non destructive testing, X-Ray, tomography


The industrial world has been revolutionized by the tomography (CT) based on the voxel, that is the inspection of pieces through a series of images that, once reworked, allow to digitally reconstruct a three-dimensional image of the object. With its unique features and options based on the use of modules, the tomography software allows you to manage and set up CT data to be processed within a few minutes – with no limitation on the amount of data.
Data sets of 80 GB can now be processed on standard PCs. For this reason it is an ideal tool for quality control, rapid prototyping and reverse engineering.


  • Coordinate measurement for 2D and 3D sizing (optional module)
  • Nominal / real model comparison for comparison with CAD data (optional module)
  • Automatic analysis of the discontinuities for the detection of porosity / Inclusions (optional module)
  • Wall thickness analysis (optional module)
  • Generate detailed reports containing user-defined information on each high-performance measured feature for CT reconstruction (optional module)
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