Industrial radioscopy and tomography



XE-S CABINET RADIOSCOPY AND INDUSTRIAL TOMOGRAPHY The XE-S cabinet is the smallest of the series: versatile and modular it allows to install, at a later time, different components and additional functions compared to the initial configuration, adapting to the new...



XE-L CABINET INDUSTRIAL RADIOSCOPY AND TOMOGRAPHY XE-L is Gilardoni's top performing standard system, thanks to the large inspection area and a lead shield for protection up to 225 kV, which make it suitable for inspections of a wide range of objects.In its basic...



CABINET XE-L HE INDUSTRIAL RADIOSCOPY AND TOMOGRAPHY The XE-L HE cabinet is an INNOVATIVE solution for X-rays inspections in the industrial field.This system for industrial radioscopy and tomography was designed to be able to simultaneously install different types of...

Industrial radioscopy

The industry is increasingly directing its efforts to find programs that ensure product quality. In this context, digital radioscopy finds its ideal application obtaining the radiological image in real time, it allows to achieve the highest levels of productivity in the quality control of large batches.
The direct and immediate vision permits to obtain prompt and useful information for production for the optimisation of production process, with clear and relevant advantages in terms of product quality and costs, waste reduction and economy of the entire production cycle.
During real-time vision it is possible to change the quality radiation (kV regulation) to adapt it to the penetration needs required by the geometry of the piece, often very complex and variable. It is also possible to position appropriately the piece in order to obtain the best incidence of every critical part and obtain a spatial vision of present defects.


For use in various fields:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Foundry
  • Piping
  • Welding
  • Rubber
  • Plastic
  • Electronics
  • Research
  • Reverse engineering

Industrial tomography

Through the tomography process it is possible to obtain a three-dimensional reconstruction of the analyzed object.

The tomographic reconstruction process is composed by two phases, initially the system captures the images of the object by rotating it around its axis, then the software uses the images to generate the three-dimensional model; the reconstructed object can be analyzed in its entirety, measured, checked for defects, compared with CAD models and more.

All Gilardoni standard systems are ‘CT Ready’, that is, designed for the implementation of a computed tomography system (CT) with advanced software and dedicated workstations.


​The industrial radioscopy systems consist of mechanical components (cabinet and manipulator), radiological components and a shooting  chain complete with digital flat panel and a control console. Gilardoni offers a series of standard system highly versatile that adapt to the different customer needs.

These systems provide different potential and level of automation in image management and processing.

From macro to micro-component

XE-S small and modular
XE-L roomy and versatile
XE- L HE powerful and precise


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