Ultrasound – NDT

Over forty years of experience in the sector allow Gilardoni to present itself to its customers as the ideal partner for customized CND solutions.
the ultrasound technique is used for various applications, even with automatic systems, among which we mention the controls on:

  • raw and finished pistons
  • brake discs
  • wheels and railway axles
  • collars and raw forged rings

Special ultrasound system
for non-destructive testing

A new special ultrasound system has been installed and tested for the control of large rings up to 2.5m in diameter. The system was entirely designed and produced by Gilardoni S.p.A..
The Gilardoni ultrasound probes have been specifically designed to meet the needs of control.
Gilardoni Spa also designs and produces portable devices such as the RDG 2500 ultrasonic digital flaw detector and the DG 51 thickness gauge.


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