Non destructive testing



Non destructive testing
Industrial x-ray

The industrial radiology division, operating in Gilardoni since 1970,
is a leader in the study and development
of non-destructive control technologies to enhance product productivity, quality and safety.


Strength points


Gilardoni’s NDT division designs and produces both x-ray and ultrasound systems.
Fluoroscopy is an NDT screening method that produces an image in real time. It increases productivity for screening of large batches of items.
Ultrasound technology is widely used in metal, railway and automotive industries both as portable equipment as well as integrated automated systems.
A line of custom systems provides automated solutions for complete production line integration.
The full Gilardoni NDT product range includes fluoroscopy cabinets with automated elimination and fully or semi-automated systems for a wide variety of applications.


Gilardoni excels finding synergy with clients achieving completely customized solutions in response to specific requirements. In this case the relationship with the client often evolves into a business partnership.


Gilardoni’s NDT solutions are designed for production and quality control in automotive, aerospace, railway, food, steel and light alloy production and include:

  • Automatic UT systems for railway testing both during production and in service
  • Complete fluoroscopy systems for castings testing with manual or automated piece management
  • Manual and automated UT systems for testing of steel and light alloy castings
  • Fully automated systems for production line integration
  • X-ray systems up to 450kV for fluoroscopy and radiology

Last news


MHF Plus: the new portable X-ray unit

Gilardoni is pleased to present the new portable X-ray unit of the MHF Plus series. The monobloc design and command have been revised and further improved compared to the previous range, with a significant reduction in weight and dimensions that makes the product easier to handle and reposition.

RDG5000 è un’apparecchiatura portatile multicanale per indagini non distruttive ad ultrasuoni

A new innovative product born from Gilardoni research: RDG5000

The RDG5000 instrument is a multi-channel portable device for non-destructive ultrasound investigations. Used in several fields to guarantee the quality of critical components or to evaluate the quality of specific mechanical processes.

Radioscopy and Industrial Tomography: Launch of the ‘XE-L’ cabinet, the most capacious of the series

Gilardoni and Eidosolutions are pleased to present the cabinet model XE-L, which is the updated and further improved version of the “7 axis” cabinet, one of the best-selling and appreciated products in recent years. Equipped with a large inspection area and lead...
Radioscopia e Tomografia industriale: Presentazione della cabina XE-S - Gilardoni

Industrial Radiography and Tomography: Presenting our ‘XE-S’ cabinet, the smallest in the series.

Gilardoni and Eidosolutions are pleased to present the XE-S cabinet model, the smallest version in the series, designed and intended to grow at the pace of your business thanks to its versatility and modular design. This system is ideal for inspecting a broad range of...
cabina XE-L

A new system for radioscopy and tomography

Gilardoni and Eidosolutions have developed a new radioscopy and tomography system with versatility, force and precision that will revolutionize the market.

Industrial radioscopy: a new cabin destined to leave its mark

Gilardoni’s newest device which, once again, is destined to leave its mark in the x-ray technology industry, is ready.

Gilardoni at the ASSOCOMPOSITI 2020, Non destructive testing

The Assocompositi Conference was held on Wednesday 29 and Thursday 30 January 2020 at the Politecnico di Milano. Gilardoni attended as a “Gold Sponsor” taking part in lectures, demonstrations, memoirs and setting up a stand.

Non Destructive Testing: Gilardoni at EUROGUSS 2020

From 14 to 16 January 2020 Gilardoni participated in the 12th edition of Euroguss, an international fair dedicated to products, processes and technologies for the Foundry.

Tomografia Industriale Computerizzata: Gilardoni alla “3 giorni porte aperte in MotivexLab”

Industrial Computed Tomography: Gilardoni at the “3 days open doors in MotivexLab”

On the occasion of the “3 days open doors in MotivexLab”, organized by the company at its laboratories in Avigliana (Turin), Davide Baratto, Director of Gilardoni, had the opportunity to exhibit the new and fundamental uses of Industrial Tomography.

Scanner Raggi X per il controllo non invasivo di rifiuti edili in big bag - Gilardoni

X-Ray scanner for non-invasive control of building waste in big bags

Green Scan is an X-Ray scanner, developed by Gilardoni, thanks to the collaboration with Orac’è srl, to be used in the environmental field for the non-invasive control of building waste.

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