Non destructive testing



Non destructive testing
Industrial x-ray

The industrial radiology division, operating in Gilardoni since 1970,
is a leader in the study and development
of non-destructive control technologies to enhance product productivity, quality and safety.


Strength points


Gilardoni’s NDT division designs and produces both x-ray and ultrasound systems.
Fluoroscopy is an NDT screening method that produces an image in real time. It increases productivity for screening of large batches of items.
Ultrasound technology is widely used in metal, railway and automotive industries both as portable equipment as well as integrated automated systems.
A line of custom systems provides automated solutions for complete production line integration.
The full Gilardoni NDT product range includes fluoroscopy cabinets with automated elimination and fully or semi-automated systems for a wide variety of applications.


Gilardoni S.p.A. a Socio Unico, announced today a collaboration agreement with LynX inspection Inc., a Canadian-based solution provider that develops cutting edge industrial inspection solutions based on novel proprietary 3D radiographic methods and technologies which boasts significant advantages over existing solutions.

partnership gilardoni lynx inspection

Predictive 3D Radiography Technology – LynX Inspection Inc.


Gilardoni’s NDT solutions are designed for production and quality control in automotive, aerospace, railway, food, steel and light alloy production and include:

  • Automatic UT systems for railway testing both during production and in service
  • Complete fluoroscopy systems for castings testing with manual or automated piece management
  • Manual and automated UT systems for testing of steel and light alloy castings
  • Fully automated systems for production line integration
  • X-ray systems up to 450kV for fluoroscopy and radiology


Gilardoni excels finding synergy with clients achieving completely customized solutions in response to specific requirements. In this case the relationship with the client often evolves into a business partnership.

Last news


Speech at the A&T exhibition, dedicated to innovation, technology and reliability 4.0

It was a very interesting meeting, we dealt with themes of innovation, evolution and technology interpreted from different aspects.

controlli non distruttivi sh

A new NDT method with Dantec Dynamics: shearography

Gilardoni and Dantec collaborate for the distribution of products in the field of shearography, a non-destructive testing method in the industrial field.


The College of Railway Engineers remains enthusiastic during the visit to Gilardoni

Get to the heart of our processes and railway control systems! Our operating philosophy is based on putting ideas and people at the center of our actions.

Lo studio dei raggi X per l’arte non si ferma

Xray for Arts: meeting at the IAEA

During the second week of March, it took place a first meeting at the IAEA – International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna to discuss on the development of an X-ray syllabus for Cultural Heritage applications.

Intervista a Marco Taccani e Davide Baratto - Gilardoni

Gilardoni: next step!

Siamo da sempre in prima linea per ricerca e sviluppo. Per quest’anno abbiamo in programma tantissimi eventi, per far risplendere Gilardoni nel suo 75° anniversario!


Shearography for non destructive testing

In recent months Gilardoni has become an official distributor of products that carry out non-destructive checks using the shearography technique.

Gilardoni 75° anniversario

Gilardoni 75th anniversary

After 75 years we are continuing to patent new technologies that are the result of the passion of our research teams, resuming the path of “shared training”.


[VIDEO] A new customer-supplier relationship to bet on industrial tomography

On Tuesday 9 November, Gilardoni hosted MotivexLab, a well-known quality control testing laboratory, which has relied on a Gilardoni tomography system for a few years now. It all started in October 2018 when Paolo Pollacino (MotivexLab) and Stefano Locatelli...
cabina XE-L partenership gilardoni LynX Inspection

Gilardoni and LynX Inspection announce a strategic partnership for the NDT market

Aion Gilardoni at Simac Tanning Tech with Brustia. The xray source used in footwear production


Gilardoni with Brustia at SIMAC TANNING TECH

Aion Gilardoni at Simac Tanning Tech with Brustia. The xray source used in footwear production

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