Green Scan is an X-Ray scanner, developed by Gilardoni, thanks to the collaboration with Orac’è srl, to be used in the environmental field for the non-invasive control of building waste. It is able to recognize, depending on the density, different families of materials: organic materials, orange in color; inorganic materials, green / yellow; metallic materials, blue color. The scanner x-rays large amounts of waste, quickly highlighting the materials that go to contaminate the mineral wool big bag.

Gilardoni was also able to develop a software for the recognition of materials that supports the operator and makes the machine completely automatic.

It should be emphasized that for the big bag subject to x-ray scanning, the viewing perspective can be varied, for example lateral or vertical.

The Green Scan is able to process more than 100 big bags per hour and to divide the specific ones from the contaminated ones.

X-Ray scanner for non-invasive control of building waste in big bags - Green Scan Gilardoni

“Smaltimento 3.0” process:
Gilardoni and Orac’è sign an agreement for the development and marketing of Green Scan

One of the biggest problems affecting the industrial waste disposal sector is related to the quality of the materials, the traceability of the same and, as a direct consequence, to safety during processing and transport.

For this reason, Orac’è, a company operating throughout the national territory in environmental consulting, brokerage and disposal of industrial waste, has developed and patented a process that is able, by itself, to guarantee quality, traceability and safety: “Smaltimento 3.0 “.

The goal, of this first non-invasive control process for shipbuilding waste, is to create a processing and waste treatment chain in which the integrity and quality of the materials can be assessed, guaranteeing complete traceability. , from the production site to the delivery site.

The technology on which “Smaltimento 3.0” is based are the X-Rays of Gilardoni’s Green Scan.

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