Also for 2020 Gilardoni SpA did not miss the appointment with Medlab Middle East, a historic event staged in Dubai in early February.

An increasingly strategic event for the company, which together with the reference distributor for the area, BMS Biotechnology Medical Services K. Group, presented itself with a significantly expanded stand to welcome visitors mainly from the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Gilardoni proposed one of his flagship equipment, the Radgil2, an X-ray radiator designed for the prevention of TA-GvHD, a rare fatal disease caused by the donor’s T lymphocytes, placed in the recipient following a transfusion. It also finds application in the field of research for the irradiation of cells, tissues and culture media.

The appointment was also an opportunity to collect various feed backs from customers who already use the equipment in Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco and Iraq but also to collect new requests, in particular from operators from Oman and Saudi Arabia, where Gilardoni is thinking of organizing a dedicated seminar.

 Gilardoni Raggi X present in Medlab Middle East of Dubai 2020
 Gilardoni Staff presents the X-ray radiator - Medlab Middle East 2020
 X-ray radiator "RadGil 2" - Gilardoni Medicale 2020
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