Gilardoni increases its presence at major international congresses in the blood transfusion sector with the Radgil2 medical x-ray irradiator.

After the interest raised at Dubai’s Middle East Medlab event as well as the Africa Health Exhibition in Johannesburg, the device was a key player at the ISBT Congress in Basilea and is set to be at the October AABB Annual Meeting in San Antonio, USA.

Basilea’s ISBT event provided an opportunity for the company and its partners, from European distributors to clients from Poland, Ukraine and Croatia, to give feedback on the most recently installed Radgil2s, revealing customer satisfaction, as well as the occasion for positive discussion on the evolution of the device.

Naturally, there was an opportunity for contact with new clients, in particular to directly confirm the negotiations in progress in Europe for Gilardoni’s international growth.

The Radgil2 is an x-ray irradiator specifically designed to prevent Transfusion-Associated Graft-versus-Host Disease (TA-GvHD), a rare and fatal illness caused by the donor’s T lymphocytes when grafted into a recipient with a transfused blood product. It may also be utilised in research related to irradiating cells, tissues and culture media.

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