The services available to Gilardoni SpA employees are expanding, which pushes the lever of welfare with a growing series of initiatives.

In fact, the company recognizes welfare policies as a central role in business management, in particular as a condition for a profitable relationship with human resources.

For this reason, the company has introduced a Welfare Platform, which allows individuals a wide choice of opportunities to take advantage of what is envisaged in terms of contractual welfare.

Welfare: new opportunities for Gilardoni employees - Gilardoni headquarters

Furthermore, in addition to the benefits established by the contract, after the introduction of the tax assistance service, which has been in operation for some time, two new opportunities are available to employees and are intended to encourage the reconciliation of life at work: the laundry service and the parcel collection point.

The new services in detail

Laundry NON FA UNA PIEGA!“: every Monday it is possible to deliver the garments to be destined for the service in the special box at the reception, where they can be collected on the Monday following the delivery one.

Gilardoni has also become a point of collection of parcels for online purchases or in any case delivered by courier. It will be possible to collect them for lunch or at the end of the day.

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