The BREVA TRS story started some years ago!

In 2020, during a very difficult period for the entire world, Gilardoni has created an innovative luggage control system that reduces passenger contact right from check-in. This system was realized with devices that specifically designed the pandemic we were living trought.

Gilardoni - il nuovo TRS Breva 2.0

In 2022 Gilardoni started to improve the systems and design a new BREVA TRS 2.0.
BREVA TRS 2.0 is the most advanced, modern and efficient tray handling system for airports, and can be perfectly integrated with all X-ray baggage control systems. It has been designed and developed with the specific aim of increasing airport security while improving the quality and the experience of passenger travel.

Gilardoni has explored new horizons, presenting a system that has now been installed in many international locations. One example is the system recently installed in the prestigious Airport of Milan Malpensa, which, through SEA, has been collaborating with Gilardoni for the last twenty years.

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