In a difficult period all over the world, Gilardoni has created an innovative luggage control system that reduces passenger contact right from check-in. This new system is realized with devices that specifically address the pandemic we are living.

Gilardoni launches the new ATRS BREVA, an automatic system for airport tray return.

This extremely innovative device is able to trace the airport tray, its content and its owner, scanning also the QR code ticket.

Breva combines a sophisticated multiple scanner RFID system with facial recognition, linking it to passenger data( boarding pass, identification document and objects ) obtaining a total control of luggage movement at security check.

Breva transports the trays, identified and associated with the passenger’s data, to the equipment monitor content. Suspicious baggage are diverted to the manual checking station.

TRS is also able to check potential forgotten objects, informing the passenger thanks to personal data. The tray returns automatically towards divesting area for incoming passengers, after sanitization by UV decontamination and disinfection system.

Every data can be exported and displayed everywhere in the world also in remote-control for assistance, making this product the flagship for industry 4.0.

The modern design and a project aimed at minimizing costs makes Breva suitable for any environment in the world, turning it into an excellent hub of innovation, technology and economic competitiveness.

The path of technological innovation has started from Milano Linate airport, which has chosen to offer an effective and efficient security control service with faster evaluation, reducing queues, time and contact with surfaces and guaranteeing always sanitized trays after each use by UV-C lamps.

Gilardoni’s promotional video, which shows the details of the TRS Breva system, was also shot at the Milan International Airport (Italy).

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