The entire capital of the historic company Gilardoni S.p.A. was acquired by Gilma S.p.A. Already the majority shareholder, Gilma now becomes Gilardoni’s sole shareholder. Gilardoni is the number one company in its field in Italy and among the world’s leading manufacturers of X-ray and ultrasound systems for security, medical and industrial non-destructive testing.

This change provides an opportunity for significant strengthening in corporate governance and for the consolidation of the industrial innovation path already begun in recent years” stated the grandson of the founder, president Marco Gilardoni, who will continue to lead the company, confirming Gilardoni’s intention to pursue growth and internationalization.

With 73 years of history, 220 employees including 44 researchers, a 2019 turnover of almost 32 million euros and a forecast, despite the Covid 19 pandemic, of maintaining these levels for 2020, Gilardoni researches and produces cutting-edge technology. Gilardoni is the only company in the world active in three X-ray sectors: medical, industrial and security.

Gilardoni is the Italian leader in airport antiterrorism controls and a trusted security supplier for a majority of Italian airports and for a large number of those in the rest of Europe. The company provides a full range of security systems: From body scanners to baggage screening, from cargo security solutions to the detection of hidden explosives.

Gilardoni is among the leading global manufacturers of ultrasonic systems for the control of high-speed trains and is considered a strategic company by the defense ministries of Italy as well as many other Countries.

In the medical field, in addition to design and production of the latest generation of X-ray diagnostic equipment, Gilardoni has recently created a new Safety and Epidemiological Prevention division. In just a few months the new division has implemented two highly innovative product lines: the Breva and Ozygil systems.

  • Breva is a revolutionary, fully automated touchless hand luggage management system. Breva implements airport tray sterilization through UV-C technology. The Milan Linate airport has already installed and is operating Breva.
  • Ozygil is a belt driven system which sanitizes surfaces and objects against viruses, coronaviruses and bacteria, through an ozone-based dry fog. The effectiveness and safety of this innovative product has been scientifically tested in collaboration with the San Raffaele University Institute of Milan, which has verified its ability to reduce viral and bacterial loads by 99.99%.

Gilardoni S.p.A. was founded in 1947 by Engineer Arturo Gilardoni, a pioneering physicist in the X-ray field.
The headquarters, manufacturing facility and research laboratories are located in Mandello del Lario, Lecco, Italy.

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