The Ministry of Economic Development has accepted the registration request of Gilardoni S.p.A. a Socio Unico  in the register of “historical brands of national interest”.

marchio storico gilardoni

In practice, our company is recognized as belonging to the history and excellence of national entrepreneurship linked to Made in Italy. We all already knew very well what it meant to work in a historic company, well-established in the territory and world leader in x-rays; but the fact that it has been formally recognized by a ministerial body makes us even more proud and aware of belonging to a reality that has made history and that wants to continue to be part of the industrial success of our country. We are also aware of the important responsibility of being the “Gil men”, in charge of giving continuity and success to the story started by Eng. Arturo Gilardoni.

From today, therefore, we can take advantage of this brand and present ourselves on the market in an even more distinctive way, continuing in a more “official” look what set by Eng. Arturo, as a scientific industry, innovating while always keeping in line with the times.  This recognition also falls on a particular occasion, a few months from the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the company’s foundation.

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