On 19th October, Gilardoni supported the first event organised and coordinated by One Works Foundation for the DOMUSAIR ON: “AIRPORTS INSPIRE CITIES”, which took place at Milan Bergamo Airport, Orio al Serio.
Domus is a magazine dedicated to the world of physical and digital infrastructures, and with this event it presented the theme of airport design: airports are indeed becoming emblems of urban development and true places of full experience for passengers.

During this constant technological era of development and interconnected increased cities, we need to find suitable models to deal with the hard today’s reality that is growing. During the meetings, it was discussed how the airport can act as a technology incubator for the development of a suitable cities model, an urban evolution on issues of great sensitivity such as new design technologies, advanced air mobility, wich was developed around drones and vertiports, sustainability and smart data and operations management.

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Over the years, the airport has become an effective place for people, no longer just a place between the destinations.

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Stakeholders are asking themselves how it can become a model for experimentation and an inspiration for the development of the ‘cities of the future’, a promoter of synergies between the physical and the digital, a local service centre and accelerator for innovation and technology.
With these goals, the aviation industry is one of the most committed to finding solutions that have a low impact on the environment. Despite of the common judgements, it has an overall low carbon footprint, measured at 2% (source: ICCT), but continues to invest significant resources in increasingly sustainable designs and products.

Gilardoni, wich was always focused on sustainability issues, security and technological innovation, could not miss an event in order to share the design and manufacture of products in line with the new requirements of the aviation market.

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