Automatic airport logistics system

"BREVA TRS was a challenge that took Gilardoni beyond its limits"

Andrea Rotta, BU Manager Security Division.

trs_breva_gilardoni_try return_system

Gilardoni presents an innovative product that changes the future of airport experience: BREVA TRS, the advanced automatic tray handling system. This innovative and efficient solution redefines industry standards and optimises the operational efficiency of airports worldwide.

Designed to integrate with all X-ray baggage screening systems, BREVA TRS creates an optimal workflow, reducing screening time and improving the overall efficiency of the security process. The system introduces an advanced tray handling, optimising the transport of baggage through various security levels. The ergonomic approach also ensures a more comfortable experience for all passengers.

The design has been very challenging because it is a product that is constantly in contact with travellers.

BREVA TRS – whose name underlines the strong connection with its territory as it is the wind that blows on Lake of Como – is an entirely Italian project. The idea was born to offer a complementary technology able of handling high passenger flows, thus completing Gilardoni’s X-ray systems range for checkpoint.

Thanks to the collaboration between partners such as SEA Milan, one of the largest international airport operators, the project became a reality, with more than 65 installations in just three years.

With BREVA TRS, Gilardoni takes the industry to a new level of security and operational efficiency!

Andrea Rotta, BU Manager of the Security Division, sets himself an important goal: “Marketing abroad remains our most fun and challenging challenge to bring TRS system all around the world

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