Gilardoni proudly announce the launch of Strale, a new x-ray sources product range.

The first systems to be part of the Strale family are the 100-1000 BE and 100-500, still based on monoblock and control unit technology.

Developed to guarantee high performances, Strale monoblocks are particularly suitable for quality testing in the food industry and for identifying low density, almost radio translucent, contaminants.

It is deal for applications where a high contrast is needed and to analyze paintings or other artworks.
The 100-1000 BE is able to perform at 1000W and is therefore ideally suited to high power applications.

Both systems have Beryllium X-Ray beams, 100% duty cycle, small focal spots and can be water or air cooled. Thanks to their compact dimensions, the 100-500 BE and 100-1000 BE can be easily integrated into your quality testing line and X-Ray machines.

Strale: new x-ray sources product range
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