We certainly do.

In these past few months we have completed the project that will kick off our new Strale products, the new monoblocks range by Gilardoni.

Strale 100-500BE is just the first monoblock of the range to be launched on the market. It is a compact and functional monoblock, with a Beryllium x-ray beam, small focal spot, continuous duty cycle and is water cooled. But it doesn’t end here! In the meantime we are have also been working on different options: 300W air cooled and 1000W water cooled.

Even before it was ready, some customers were already interested in Strale 100-500BE, for example for food industry inspections. The X-ray beam of this monoblock can be customized and provided with a collimator, making it adapt to suit your needs.

Stay tuned to discover the next Strale product, and in the meantime we will get back to work.

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