Today ended the A&T exhibition (Automatic & Testing) in Turin, an Italian trade fair for the measurement and testing sector. It offers a concrete response to the needs of companies aiming for an intelligent factory model, with digitalised data management as a guarantee of security and reliability.Davide Baratto’s talk on “Evolution and innovation in non-destructive testing systems” focused on companies that manufacture equipment, including Gilardoni. They are sensitive to sudden changes in market and community needs; therefore a company has to continuously innovate and develop products to meet new and different new requirements.



Davide tells us: “it was a very interesting meeting, we dealt with themes of innovation, evolution and technology interpreted from different aspects. We discussed new methods of investigation, which are not always supported by regulations; this involves a long and complex approval process, which requires experimentation, collaboration and availability from customers and partners.
I tried to express the Gilardoni spirit and our values.
Gilardoni has been focusing on innovation for 75 years, in these years our products have always been updated to keep up with the technological advancement

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