The growing flow of passengers in the airports has led in recent years to a big technological advance in the field of safety which has prompted the large companies in the sector to dedicate more investments in research and development, leading to the creation of increasingly safe, reliable and fast systems. The trend of airports in recent years has revealed in particular to have increasingly efficient security control lines available and therefore looking for products that are simple to use, which require less manpower and are able to support more intense passengers’ flow.

New softwares and new performances

One of the greatest technological advances in the security sector concerns the development and updating of X-ray inspection machines for baggage; it is an extremely vast and competitive sector that every year sees the development of new software, accessories and the achievement of new performances. In recent years, new equipment has been presented on the market: EDS (Explosive Detection Systems) and EDSCB (Explosive Detection Systems for Cabin Baggage), distinguishing the technology respectively if applied to hold baggage or hand baggage. The innovation of these equipment lies in integrating the ability of X-rays to penetrate matter with advanced algorithms capable of processing data and identifying explosives within the luggage with extreme precision, distinguishing them from other potential threats, avoiding unnecessary additional checks. EDS (and EDSCB) equipment are certified by the European entity ECAC (European Civil Aviation Conference) which verifies its functionality and compliance with stringent safety regulations. In addition, the use of equipment of this type allows, depending on the standard to which they comply, to be able to scan luggage with objects inside that until now had to be removed before checks as they generated several false alarms; for example, the highest standard currently developed with regard to hand luggage equipment, the C3 standard (EDSCB C3), allows liquids to be left inside the luggage (always within the legal limits) and electronic devices with obvious benefits on the speed of passenger flow, which is why they are in great demand by large international airports.

TRS-Breva-Linate - Gilardoni

The birth of these new X-ray systems has also led to the development of increasingly automated trays handling systems called TRS which are integrated with EDS systems to make the most of their peculiarities. TRS systems are capable of handling more than one passenger at a time (typically at least 3) and the more advanced ones can even collect passenger information via ticket scanners and cameras, making it easier for operators to work. 


Gilardoni pioneered this field by introducing the Breva TRS to the market, one of the most automated and complex TRS currently available.


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