In recent months Gilardoni has become an official distributor of products that carry out non-destructive checks using the shearography technique. This is an active collaboration with the company Dantec Dynamics that aims to offer the customer a new technique and support to the field of non-destructive controls, beyond the already existing techniques of X-rays and ultrasonic controls developed directly by Gilardoni.

Shearography, c.d. Laser Shearography (LS), is an optical method that makes it possible to detect any deformation of the surface of the object in question in relation to the load of the structure. This technique involves the stress of the component by thermal excitation, partial vacuum, vacuum-environment or vibrational-mechanical and able to detect defects of various kinds, including, in the case of composite components, cleavage (no bonding), gaseous or moisture inclusions, etc. Thanks to it, the breaks below the surface can be localized through the assessment of the deformation field of the surface (bending). The method provides accessibility on one side, no means of contact and a high speed: the speed is estimated in the order of mq/min.

It is applicable in several fields including Aerospace, Aeronautics, Automotive, Wind and Naval.

It is a pleasure to share with you the beginning of this collaboration with the company Dantec Dynamics

Dantec_Dynamics - shearografia - GILARDONI
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