Starting from October 2nd, a new security system by Gilardoni will be launched at the Archaeological Park of Pompeii. A check point was activated at the entrance of Piazza Anfiteatro and other security measures were taken to strengthen the control of the safety of people within the archaeological site.

In Pompeii the number of annual visits is in constant growth and is about to reach four million. The site is also on the list of places at highest risk for terrorist attacks. This leads to problems in the management of a large archaeological site like this and certainly security becomes a primary need.

For this reason, a control system was installed with the metal detector and an x-ray screening system. The controls of the people begin as soon as they cross the gates and continue, as in the airports, with a check of bags and backpacks to identify the presence of weapons or suspicious liquids, all under the surveillance of armed vigilantes.

A project born from the collaboration between the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism and the Interior Minister that financed this initiative and chose Gilardoni, always a leader in the security sector, as a supplier.

The service, broadcasted by the Regional Campania Tg, is available in full at the following link, minute 13.22.

 Security checks at the Pompeii Archaeological Site-  Gilardoni
 Security checks at the Pompeii Archaeological Site-  Gilardoni
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