logo IRE S&CFrom the 29th to 31st March, Gilardoni was hosted by our South Korean partner IRE S&C at SECON 2023 for the official launch of ARGO: the new generation of Gilardoni X-ray machines baggage, mail and parcels controls and for security in any sensitive area.

SECON is the most important Asian exhibition for the integrated security industry: hundreds of suppliers with innovative products, solutions and technologies in the security sector were present.

Our ARGO 536 hand luggage control equipment has aroused considerable interest thanks to its small size, strong impact design, flexibility in use and especially its excellent detection performance.

Many visitors, government agencies employees, and important South Korean-based multinationals, were welcomed in our stand. Here they could appreciate the innovative “best image” solution which, with the most advanced algorithms, generates higher quality images on a large monitor, ensuring complete visibility of the scanned object and an incredible detection capacity.

Korea ARGO 536
Korea FEP ME 640 AMX

At our stand, visitors could also find our FEP ME 640 AMX equipment with a renewed design: the most suitable double-view solution for airport environments with the possibility of automatic detection thanks to the available ECAC certified software.

Thanks to the twenty-year collaboration with our distributor IRE S&C, we were also able to visit strategic sites such as Seoul Station, Incheon Airport (Quarantine Station) and Samsung headquarters, where Gilardoni X-ray equipment for the luggage and parcels control is installed to ensure safety in sensitive areas.

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