Gilardoni was lucky enough to participate in Euroguss Mexico which is part of the Nurnberg Messe circuit, which includes China, India and Germany, events in which Gilardoni is always present.

The decision to be present in Euroguss Mexico, for the first time, was dictated by the desire to approach new markets, such as North America and Mexico.

Euroguss Mexico 2023

Mexico’s die casting industry is currently ranked as the 10th largest in the world. The country is also the world’s seventh largest producer of aluminum castings, and the mexican foundries produce a wide range of products for the aerospace, automotive, and appliance industries.

Since 2011, the mexican aluminum industry has growth 13% per year. As of 2020, the aluminum die casting industry accounted for approximately 80 percent of the automotive parts produced in Mexico and added $7 billion to the nation’s GDP. Overall, approximately 65% of the castings produced in Mexico are destined for the automotive industry.

50% of these products are destined for the domestic market, while the rest is exported to the United States, Germany, Japan, Korea, Central America and Europe. The mexican aluminum die casting industry continues to expand in areas such as Nuevo Leon, Estado de Mexico, Distrito Federal, Coahuila and Baja California. News Arrived during the event, Tesla will open a plant in Mexico.

Euroguss Messico 2023

Gilardoni could not fail to seize this growth opportunity in a new and emerging market. Within the event, several speeches followed one another and Gilardoni had the opportunity to speak about x-rays, in front of an audience interested in discovering more and more the world of scopying but above all of tomography.

What emerged during the event is that third-party companies, the users of the various machinery, are increasingly interested in non-destructive testing, through the use of x-ray and tomographic systems for any component. A further starting point for reflection comes from the end customers, who increasingly need to be able to use our cabins online, in the production process. This would guarantee them a significant reduction in cycle times, consequently a reduction in costs and, last but not least, the elimination of any risks coming from movements after to the production line.

In view of this experience we can say that in the coming years important and global challenges await us, challenges that Gilardoni is ready to face and consolidate in the North and South American markets.

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