Gilardoni and Eidosolutions are pleased to present the cabinet model XE-L, which is the updated and further improved version of the “7 axis” cabinet, one of the best-selling and appreciated products in recent years.

Equipped with a large inspection area and lead shielding for protection up to 225 kV, this system is ideal for inspection of a wide range of objects such as large components of aluminum, steel or other materials, large objects with details of a few microns, series of objects for simultaneous analysis and more.

Solid, robust and reliable, thanks to its modular approach, it can be equipped at the same time or for future needs with different components and additional functions compared to the initial configuration chosen, adapting to the new needs of your business.

The cutting edge software supplied is the same installed on other Gilardoni standard systems. It has been projected to be simple and intuitive; allowing the acquisition, processing and management of high quality images.

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