The physics of x-rays: Gilardoni takes the podium at Lecco’s Badoni Institute

Gilardoni takes the podium at Lecco’s Badoni Institute
A class at the Applied Science High School delves into the physics of x-rays with company experts

Gilardoni “took the podium” at the Badoni Institute Applied Science High School in Lecco to conduct two classes on the physics of x-rays, an area of applied science that the company is an international leader in, with its medical equipment, security and antiterrorism screening products as well as non-destructive screening equipment in various industrial sectors.

Gilardoni experts held a first meeting at the school that was followed by a second “lesson” on site, where the company and its history were presented and an in-depth discussion on the physics of x-rays and their application took place. At the end of the lesson, students visited the various production departments, where they could observe the possible applications of x-rays also thanks to Gilardoni’s use of the most up-to-date modern technology

“We believe in cultivating relationships with young people and want to have a dialogue that will develop over time thanks to the projects we’ve started with various educational institutes and universities,” affirms Marco Taccani Gilardoni CEO.

“We’ve set in place a process that will provide continuity, and hope to work toward a positive process of school-work integration.”

Thanks to initiatives that involve the education sector, Gilardoni recently was recognized at a national level by Confindustria with the Quality Alternating Training seal of approval, which rewards companies that stand out for their high-quality alternating school-work programmes, setting up effective partnerships with high schools and vocational institutes.

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