Gilardoni S.p.A. a Socio Unico, announced today a collaboration agreement with LynX inspection Inc., a Canadian-based solution provider that develops cutting edge industrial inspection solutions based on novel proprietary 3D radiographic methods and technologies which boasts significant advantages over existing solutions.
This agreement covers the cooperation in the field of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and related industrial inspection solutions, products, and services. More specifically, this agreement targets the development of new NDT solutions and products that take advantage of each party’s unique capabilities, skills and technologies. It also includes an international market expansion strategy by having each party support the other party’s products in their respective home territories and joint commercialisation efforts through a combined product offering.

LynX Inspection Inc. develops, manufactures, and sells innovative X-ray solutions based on a proprietary method called “Predictive 3D Radiography” that combines advanced X-ray physics with 3D simulation, computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI). Based in Quebec City, Canada, its products cater to a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace and defense, and a diversity of inspection applications, including casting, additive manufacturing, powder metallurgy, welding and molding. LynX Inspection’s vision is to become the world reference for fast, efficient and affordable industrial X-ray solutions

“Always looking at the future, Gilardoni bets on innovation and Research and Development to differentiate itself from the competition” stated Marco Gilardoni, CEO at Gilardoni and grandson of its founder. “The unique technology that LynX Inspection has developed is impressive and will soon become a game changer for the automation of industrial X-ray inspection. We like their thinking outside the box approach and want to be part of this industrial revolution. This collaboration will also secure our foothold in North America.

Being able to count on a strategic partner with such a reputation and long history as Gilardoni is invaluable for a young high-tech company like us” stated Luc Perron, CEO and co-founder of LynX Inspection. “This strategic agreement will allow us to concentrate on what we do best, which is solving real-life industrial inspection challenges using our patented predictive 3D radiographic technology. Finally, the combined product offering will increase our competitiveness and provide us with more options to address our customer needs and deliver fast, affordable and efficient automated inspection solutions.

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Predictive 3D Radiography Technology – LynX Inspection Inc.

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