Marco Taccani Gilardoni, CEO Gilardoni S.p.a.

In Gilardoni, we give a lot of importance to the growth and training of young minds, just a few days ago our General Manager Davide Baratto held an interview with the microphones of “Unica Tv Lecco”. The title was: “Work: Young people and graduates? We are looking for them!”

That’s right, here in Gilardoni X-ray we are growing fast and we are hiring. We offer new opportunities to engineers, technicians, physicists and all those who have the desire to learn with passion the secrets of x-rays and ultrasound to come and join our team.

In Gilardoni you can apply many different technologies from the field of software, neural networks, automotive, high voltage, materials engineering, etc..

“Our goal is to offer opportunities to young enthusiasts and professionals who can demonstrate in Italy what they can do without the need to go abroad”

Since 2016 we have started a strong corporate restructuring both from the infrastructural point of view and from the point of view of research, leading Gilardoni to grow a lot, so much so as to employ over 60 people since that time.

This week we had the pleasure to bring back with us two classes of the Istituto Superiore Badoni of Lecco, who actively participated and with interest in the company tour held in the morning. They had the opportunity to meet the President Marco Gilardoni, the General Manager Davide Baratto, the Director of the Security Division Luca Ghislanzoni and the Head of Human Resources Elisabetta Ripamonti, but also Matteo Pirola, Andrea Rocchi, Mauro Dell’Oro, Mauro Del Giorgio and Carlo Battello explain the production in the different sectors during the tour of the factory.

Davide Baratto encourages young students to believe in their future and their potential:

“Put passion in what you do, this is what Gilardoni needs, passionate people that are certainly competent but above all exciting to what they do…”


Luca Ghislanzoni, enthusiastic about the visit, encourages the students, who will be the engineers of the future:

“The visit of our Company by the classes of Badoni is an important opportunity for Gilardoni to make known their products, their organization but especially their technologies and, for the kids, to make contact with an industrial reality of our territory that has as its mission and corporate policy research and innovation. The generations that are being formed in these years in our technical Institutes are those who will constitute the future technicians and engineers who will have to continue to hold high the technological level of our Company and of those Italian in general. We are sure that these meetings will increase the interest and enthusiasm of the young people towards the fascinating aspects related to science and its multiple applications in the industrial field”.

Elisabetta Ripamonti on her side tries to motivate and encourage the boys: 

“What interests Gilardoni during an interview? Give us your strong motivation, because you would like to come and work with us… This is very important, so you will spend your energy on what you do next.”

Finally to conclude we report the words of the President Marco Gilardoni: 

“We are very proud to have you here today, we believe that the relationship with schools and universities is very important because it allows you to know the realities of your territory. You are investing in your future so it is important that you know our reality…” 

concludes with a tip for the boys, but that basically applies for all of us: 

“Remember that work is your choice, you must like it because you will spend a lot of your time working and for that you must like it; the worst thing is to do something that we do not like or do it reluctantly.” 

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