Non-destructive ultrasound testing at the National Welding Days event

Gilardoni participated once again in the NATIONAL WELDING DAYS event carried out within the evocative setting of Genoa’s Old Port. Numerous booths and exhibitors were present.

Gilardoni presents itself as an industry leader in non-destructive ultrasound testing (useful within this context for testing welding effectiveness).

There was an excellent turnout at the booth and the opportunities to learn about the market, as is common in these milieus, were numerous and interesting. Gilardoni had the pleasure of welcoming a visit to the booth by an Institute delegation, which complimented the company for its consistent presence at all the National Welding Day events held to date. Moreover, we had the opportunity to take part in readings and conferences that were conducted on various themes; from ones more specific to welding to those closer to our products linked to applying ultrasound technology. Hospitality by event organizers was, as always, exemplary and facilitated by the charming location at the Cotton Warehouse in Genoa’s Old Port.

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