In this last period of constant changes, in which the global market is in constant evolution, our R&D Team is working to keep up with the times and anticipate our customers needs.

Gilardoni is in fact working on three new products, that will be part of the Aion X-Ray Monoblocks and Generators range.

  • Aion 160kV with a new cooling system: similar to the already existing Aion 160kV Monoblocks, this product has an advanced cooling system. That allows the user to have higher performances at a lower price compared to the solution sold at the moment.
  • Aion 100kV 1000W: this system can reach a power of 1000W at 100kV, with a wide beam angle (round or fan). The monoblock can be realized totally shielded or in an optimized solution for a lower weight.
  • Aion 100kV BE 1000W: based on the same structure of Aion 100kV 1000W, this system has a Berillium window with a 60° wide beam, for the lowest filtration in the low spectrum.

Always looking at the future, Gilardoni bets on the innovation and on Research and Development. This is possible thanks to our R&D Team and to the qualities that make Gilardoni a great brand: flexibility, ability to understand our customers and analyze global market and, of course, Made in Italy products.



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