On Tuesday 9 November, Gilardoni hosted MotivexLab, a well-known quality control testing laboratory, which has relied on a Gilardoni tomography system for a few years now.

It all started in October 2018 when Paolo Pollacino (MotivexLab) and Stefano Locatelli (Gilardoni) met and bet on the first industrial tomography system which at that time existed only on paper, it was only a rendering.
Paolo Pollacino thus decided to make his biggest investment in this project.
Over time, MotivexLab also receives offers from other multinationals but does not recognize in them the same “ increased humanity” that Gilardoni possesses.
In July 2019 Gilardoni delivers the finished system.

In October 2021 and in only 3 years, from the rendering in 2018 to the finished system in 2019, MotivexLab thanks to Gilardoni has become the first and only accredited laboratory for tomography in Italy and Europe.

Industrial tomography: MotivexLab and Gilardoni a bet for the future

This is how two Italian companies meet to celebrate their extraordinary journey in recent years.
They talked about how a simple relationship customer-supplier has given rise to a partnership that goes beyond the classic commercial relation between companies, which can be a model for collaborations with high added value, not only economic but also human.
During the meeting Elisabetta Ruffino presented MotivexLab and then explained how Gilardoni has positively contributed to their professional growth.
This shows that with passion, commitment and collaboration, excellent results can be achieved.

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