The ’19th National Conference on Non-Destructive Testing’, organised by AIPnD in Verona, ended on Friday.

Gilardoni, in its long tradition of innovation in the field of non-destructive testing, presented a revolutionary new ultrasonic flaw detector: the FebUS!

The FebUS has been fully developed in Italy, in Gilardoni’s laboratories in Mandello del Lario, and represents a revolution in the way ultrasonic pulse-echo inspections are performed.

The FebUS has been designed to combine ultrasonic testing methodology with the potential of the most modern technology available today and used in the various devices that are now part of our daily lives, such as smartphones and tablets.

Gilardoni presenta a Verona un nuovo strumento per i controlli non distruttivi ad ultrasuoni
Verona un nuovo strumento per i controlli non distruttivi ad ultrasuoni: FEBUS

A new horizon for ultrasonic controls

The FebUS consists of ‘pocket-sized’ electronics connected to an app installed on an Android tablet. The result is a revolutionary instrument that combines powerful ultrasonic electronics with features that were previously unthinkable for an ultrasonic instrument: from a touch screen to voice commands, from the possibility of recording scan data to the ability to make video calls by sharing the screen and camera images available on the tablet, from the ability to create reports without having to download data to another device up to the ability to directly save data and calibrations on the cloud, and much more.

FebUS opens up a new horizon for ultrasonic controls and constitutes a platform that Gilardoni will continue to enrich with new functions to meet the needs of its customers, who will also be able to count on direct technical support services, connecting if necessary to the parent company directly from the instrument and suggesting any new functions to be developed within the software.

The FebUS electronics are the result of a long experience in the design of ultrasonic instruments that Gilardoni has been developing for over 60 years and that today has led to pulsators of very low noise and very high performance with encoder configuration and compatible with various translators.

The app is easy to download and install on tablets with Android operating system and has a user-friendly interface with modern and intuitive graphics that best exploits all the potential offered by the tablet, from the login methods, to the camera, up to the recording of geolocation data of the control performed or the connection to the cluod for storing and sharing of data and reports.

Fiera delle Tecnologie di Misura Industriale e dei CND in Polonia 2022

Once again Gilardoni has been able, as our slogan says, to imagine the future and to create an innovative product destined to revolutionise the way we do ultrasonic inspections.

Gilardoni presenta a Verona un nuovo strumento per i controlli non distruttivi ad ultrasuoni
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