This week we were visited by our business partners Christoph and Liam from “Dantec Dynamics”.

Gilardoni and Dantec collaborate for the distribution of products in the field of shearography, a non-destructive testing method in the industrial field. Despite the collaboration started some time ago, we had not yet had the opportunity to meet and officially introduce ourselves due to the various issues related to the pandemic situation. 

During the meeting our colleagues had the pleasure of getting to know in person our company reality, made of history, passion, changes and innovations. Guided by our C.O.O. Davide Baratto they visited the company, our laboratories and met our new technologies applied to products.


how non-destructive testing
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During the day, Christoph introduced us to the technique of Sherography, giving us a closer look at their business, a new sector for us; then Liam explained the product in its practicality.

Certainly it was an intense day in terms of relational and working exchanges, a moment of meeting and union between the two companies; from the commercial point of view, with Alessio and Alfredo, from the technical point of view with Fabio and Mauro, while for the marketing part with Aurora; all this to seal this new partnership between Gilardoni and Dantec.

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