This year Mandello celebrates the centenary of Moto Guzzi and the 75th anniversary of Gilardoni, two important companies in Mandello’s industrial history. Over time they have positively marked the economic and social development of an entire community. 

Together to celebrate their respective birthdays. 

On the occasion of the motorcycle rally to be held this weekend, Gilardoni wanted to pay homage and celebrate the Guzzi factory by making a full X-ray, inside our laboratories, of a vintage motorcycle. The 1957 Falcone 500

Congresso controlli non distruttivi navale - shearografia
Congresso controlli non distruttivi navale - shearografia

These elements unite the two factories, born from the strong passion that Arturo had for X-rays and Carlo for motorcycles. In this 2022 they shake hands to celebrate their respective birthdays together. 

To make this radiography, more than 100 X-rays images were acquired, which were later processed in post-production and assembled to be able to admire what we see today, an X-ray reconstruction of a Falcone 500.”

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