We are pleased to inform you that the Antitrust Authority has assigned Gilardoni the Rating of legality with 2 stars.

This is an introduction in the Italian discipline in order to promote the spread of ethical principles in corporate conduct.legality rating gilardoniOur company was able to apply because it met and still meets the various requirements (turnover, no criminal convictions, antimafia provisions, serious antitrust convictions, definitive assessments on safety at work, revocation of public funding…).
All this allowed us to obtain the first star, but we did not stop here: payment’s traceability, subscription to ethical codes and social responsibility protocols led us to obtain a second star.

The new objective is to maintain this goal, indeed the attempt to meet all the requirements for obtaining the third and final medal, becoming more and more an excellence in the matter of legality.

Companies in possession of the Rating of legality benefit of some advantages such as the possibility of obtaining public or ministerial fundings, access to public tenders and advantages regarding the granting of loans by banks.

Having what it takes from an economic and financial point of view nowadays allows us to make the difference and to transmit an image of transparency and correctness to the outside.

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