Gilardoni is proud to have hosted the AIPnD Board of Directors, the Italian Association of Non-Destructive Trials, at the Mandello del Lario factory on Friday 13 September.

Once in Mandello del Lario on Thursday, the members of the association were able to enjoy a beautiful evening on Lake Como, before spending a whole day inside the Gilardoni headquarters: recently renovated both in the production area and in the public reception.
On Friday morning, in fact, after a refreshing breakfast, the AIPnD Board of Directors held the meeting in one of the brand new meeting rooms, recently renovated and surrounded by “memories” of Gilardoni’s long presence in the X-rays and ultrasound field. Gilardoni has also created a “museum” area inside the factory where “old” tools and vintage photographs were collected.
After a buffet lunch, always in the same location, thanks to a wonderful day, the members of the Board were able to enjoy the beauty of the panorama of Lake Como and the views of the factories. In the afternoon the guests were guided on an illustrative tour of the production departments, where a brief presentation of the most recent Gilardoni products in the field of Non-Destructive Testing was set up.

It thereby ended a day that not only wanted to underline Gilardoni’s renewed commitment as the main Italian producer in non-destructive tests, but also the desire to continue to collaborate with the AIPnD in its social and educational aims.
For Gilardoni, it is always an honor to host the AIPnD, in fact, our founder Ing. Arturo Gilardoni was one of the founding members of the association, motivated by the desire to enhance the professionalism of the operators.
Gilardoni is a highly motivated company, attached and tied to the Italian Non-Destructive Testing Association and values the work done by the Board.

The Italian Non-Destructive Testing Association (AIPnD) guest in Gilardoni
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