On the occasion of the “3 days open doors in MotivexLab“, organized by the company at its laboratories in Avigliana (Turin), Davide Baratto, Director of Gilardoni, had the opportunity to exhibit the new and fundamental uses of Industrial Tomography.

MotivexLab, since last spring, has been using, inside of its Non destructive testing laboratories, Gilardoni Industrial Computed Tomography technology.

The machine allows the tomographic reconstruction of medium and large objects with very high precision, thus allowing both the identification of defects and possibly the Reverse Engineering, or the three-dimensional reconstruction of the objects (Failure Analysis).

Gilardoni Computed Industrial Tomography of MotivexLab - Non Destructive Testing

But the potential of Gilardoni Computed Tomography did not stop there: the system allows you to perform a Dimensional Analysis, measuring, internally and externally, the dimensions of interest even of the most complex geometries. Thanks to the analysis software, all data are processed automatically and consequently it is possible to obtain a complete and quickly understandable analysis report.
Thanks to the arrival of Tomography in the industrial sector it is possible to perform a fast and at the same time complete control of critical objects on the whole piece. Computers are getting faster and faster and in a very short time you get a result that was unthinkable until a few years ago.


Below the video of the complete interview with Davide Baratto at MotivexLab:

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