Gilardoni storia aziendaIn recent months we are carrying out a historiographical research on the evolution of the company, which will turn 75 next February.
We will retrace the evolutions that have taken place over the years, the events and intertwined lives of men and women who has made possible what has arrived until US. Thanks to the precious testimonies of our “Gil Men”, their memories are collected day after day, making sure that our history is not lost but rather valued. They are Men and Women who have made the HISTORY of GILARDONI, making us appreciate and know the extraordinary person of ARTURO GILARDONI. (Dario Del Giorgio, Ing. Alvaro Invernizzi, Ernesto Poletti, Dott. Giancarlo Degano, Mario Ostini, Giuseppe Fasoli, Massimo e Angelo Suerra, Enrico Panizza, and many others who have had the pleasure to come back to us).
All of them expressed beautiful words remembering our founding myth, remembering him as an extraordinary person, with the ability to be loved by everyone and to establish a relationship of trust with people. A very human and charming person, always generous in helping others in any situation.
Arturo Gilardoni was a physicist, a scientist with inexhaustible intellectual skills with an incredible mind, he never stopped doing research and studying, even at night he always carried with him a bloc notes, a pencil and an eraser, to write down any idea came to him in a flash! He called it his “memory download” in fact he often repeated to all his employees:
I recommend you guys, when you go to bed you need to have there a bloc notes or a sheet of paper and a pencil, because it can happen sometimes at night to wake up and think: Ahh but I could do it this way… and then you have to write it down immediately otherwise you might forget it!”
He strongly believed in the abilities of young people and in spreading his knowledge, passing it on to his guys, in the form of lectures, dissertations or publications. He always gave a lot of advice, one of the many that has been reported is the one on Simplicity:
“Always orient yourself towards simplicity. Mother Nature is simple: it is the human being who complicate it. Getting used to thinking and working with simplicity solves problems better and more easily”.
For many of them, Arturo was seen as a second father, an uncle with a kind soul who never made you miss a pat on the back of encouragement, he was loved by everyone.
He dedicated his entire life to the development of this company, creating a familiar and confortable environment for his guys; someone told us: “I felt like I was at home”.
Many of them tell us that they would come back with Us again, despite many years has passed, having a wonderful memory of the company and the engineer Gilardoni.  We are honoured for this and we thank all those who still believe in our expertises and values.
All this work is supported by the cataloguing and research of old devices, systems, paper documents, dissertations, publications, old periodicals, certificates, diplomas, etc… Everything will be safeguarded in our museum which will be set up for the occasion.

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