Once again Gilardoni Raggi X, pays attention to the environment and the territory, proving to be a model company not only for its technological and innovative soul but also for its policies and its sensitivity to sustainability issues. 

The local newspaper “La Provincia di Lecco” reports in an article the importance of the choice made by President Marco Gilardoni to draft the non-financial declaration (DNF). It is a document aimed at examining environmental, social and governance issues.

Gilardoni clarifies: “It seemed important to adhere to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, to give substance to issues in which we believe we pursue daily in our work, starting from research to the finished product.”

Let’s see some important data: 

  • Accidents at work: 0.53%, in Gilardoni a lot of attention is given to health and safety at work. Serious accidents are zero. 
  • Professional growth: 95% of employees attend at least two courses per year, in addition to compulsory courses.
  • Equal opportunities: the company supports equal opportunities, 85% of workers prefer full time, the remaining 15% who chose part time (on their will) are women. Of the apprentices employed 50 % are women.
  • Collectivity: the “Fondazione Arturo Gilardoni” comes to life, with the president Massimo Inguscio in the Scientific Committee. It will have scholarships and aid for new startups.

Marco Gilardoni ends: “We enjoyed joining the Def to be able to measure ourselves and the ideas of our collaborators. For the first time, a method is being defined to measure what is being done for the protection of the environment, human promotion and the level of governance.”

Marco Taccani Gilardoni, CEO Gilardoni S.p.a.
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