Always at the forefront of innovation, Gilardoni has contributed to a new, sophisticated luggage control system that reduces passenger contact right from check-in launched at Milan’s Linate airport, with a new device that specifically addresses the pandemic we are living. Gilardoni was involved in creating a Tray Return System (TRS), as part of this complex control process, which offers the following functions:

  • QR Code ticket scanning
  • facial recognition using biometric technology able to record faces, while automatically linking them to boarding passes and identification documents
  • tray transport identifying and linking passenger data to equipment monitoring content
  • trays containing suspect content are deviated to the manual checking station, while simultaneously communicating owner’s personal data
  • verification of ownership of objects forgotten in trays, informing passengers thanks to personal data
  • automatic tray return towards divesting area for arriving passengers
  • sanitization of returning trays with a UV decontamination and disinfection system

This is the new, cutting-edge technological process for those departing from Milan’s Linate airport:

  • increased security control efficiency thanks to a faster and more accurate evaluation by screeners
  • reduced length of time and line-ups for security checks, as well as contact with surfaces
  • guaranteed sanitization of trays after every use through passage in the UV-C tunnel
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