Marco Taccani Gilardoni
Last year ended on a very positive note for Gilardoni, thanks to double-digit growth with about 44 million euros in turnover (+12% compared to 2022). As President Marco Taccani Gilardoni recounts in an in-depth article published in the newspaper La Provincia, the company was able to achieve this result also thanks to constant investments on production systems and especially on technology and innovation, always with great attention to sustainability, projecting itself towards scientific research and industrial development and supporting the enhancement of talent through training for young people.

The company continues to invest in research and development activities organized to integrate directly into the different divisions, both for foreign and domestic markets (with the latter accounting for about 30 percent of the entire turnover). “We want the think the product to no longer be thought from an engineering point of view, but to follow almost more the indications that come to us from the market and customers. The basic product is standard, but we can adapt it to specific situations, and thanks to information technology you can really customize quite a bit,” Gilardoni comments.

We have been using artificial intelligence for at least two decades: operators in the security sector oversee machines, but these do all the material analysis automatically. Now we are at full recognition of extremely complex shapes, […] we are now talking about convolutional neural networks, which have already been successive to artificial intelligence for several years.


Gilardoni tra tecnologia e sostenibilità
Among the latest technologies launched, a new electromechanics product installed in several airports around the world (Taipei, Frankfurt, Glasgow) for tray handling lines that can optimize X-ray machine power supply.

In recent years, machinery in the laboratory for X-ray vacuum tube production, one of the company’s most critical areas, has also been renovated.

Gilardoni is also one of Italy’s 30 most sustainable companies according to the Sustainability Award top 100.

The company has been investing in green for decades and has been publishing its sustainability report for years. “Sustainability is in our industrial DNA: the goals of an X-ray machine are the lowest possible energy consumption and the highest informativeness,” said Gilardoni’s president.

Investing in renewable energy is not new to us, also because of the location of our industry, on the lakeshore. And the same goes for water consumption, we get it from our own well and we have completely recycled in-house for forty years.

Half of the energy used by the company has come from a photovoltaic system for more than 15 years, and a project to renovate the company’s lighting systems with LEDs and systems self-regulating according to the amount of light present is underway.

The company supports talent and promotes the training of new skills through various initiatives, not only internally, but also by collaborating with companies and institutions (including RoadJob, a nonprofit association bringing together different entities for a new relationship between territory and industry), organizing periodic meetings with schools and partnerships with universities, including the Lecco branch of the Politecnico and the CNR, on artificial intelligence solutions.

For the past couple of years also with our Fondazione Arturo Gilardoni we have been placing people in training paths that use high technology, including artificial intelligence, within advanced factories,” Gilardoni adds.

With a work environment where the average age is low, Gilardoni confirms its inclination toward the younger generation, which explains the activity on social media with more than 10 thousand followers between Instagram and Tik-Tok.

Telling production processes also in the words of the people who work at the company has proved to be a very successful operation and has fostered the interest and inclusion of new positions right through these online media, normally not oriented towards job search.

Gilardoni tra tecnologia e sostenibilità

Today, Gilardoni is ready to take on new challenges and achieve new goals:
In recent years we have pushed very hard on technological innovation and opened many new markets. The next stage will be to open more and more markets, until we cover them all. It is possible. The world and cultures are evolving and needs are increasing. We are building closer and closer international relationships,
president Gilardoni concludes.

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