Gilardoni awarded Quality Alternating Training seal of approval

Gilardoni was granted the Quality Alternating Training seal of approval, a qualification requested by Confindustria, which rewards businesses that stand out for their high-quality alternating school-work programmes in setting up effective partnerships with high schools and vocational institutes.

The goal of the certification is to promote school-work collaboration and enhance the training role and commitment of businesses to employing the next generation.

Gilardoni has opened its doors to young people, particularly in the area of corporate social responsibility, by investing in training initiatives to permit not only an understanding of the business world but also the radiology industry.

This has taken place, and continues to do so, through a programme that involves both periods of alternating training with high school students within the business and initiatives at training institutes conducted by company experts. In addition, company visits, dedicated to young people through various projects, are carried out to promote integrating the school and work environments.

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